Arman Tursunov: Motion of radiating charged particle in curved spacetime

Electromagnetic radiation emitted by a charged particle leads to appearance of the back-reaction force which can significantly affect its trajectory. In many physically relevant situations radiation reaction force acting upon a charge can not be neglected. Motion of point charge with radiation reaction in flat spacetime is described by Lorenz-Dirac (LD) equation, while in curved spacetime – by DeWitt-Brehme (DWB) equation containing the Ricci term and the tail term. Generically, the equations of motion are plagued by runaway solutions, so we will discuss the computational ways to avoid this problem in constructing numerical solutions. We will also compare the results of direct integration of
equations of motion with those of the covariant Landau-Lifshitz equation, which is the first iteration of covariant LD equation. We will also consider several applications of the model in connection with the theory of accretion disks of black holes and treatment of chaoticity in dynamical systems.

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