How to get there etc.

From Moscow you can get to Dubna by bus or by train from the Savelovskaya station. The last stops of trains are Bolshaya Volga and Dubna (see here – during the construction of the bridge, the train station Dubna does not work permanently). The best way how to get from Bolshaya Volga to your hotel (see here or here) is to take taxi to gostinica Dubna (it is about 5km). The train schedule as well as the bus schedule from the train station Savelovskaya you can find on this page.

The bus station in Moscow (close to the station Savelovskaya) is denoted on this map. Your final bus stop in Dubna is denoted here – it is the first bus stop in Dubna in the direction from Moscow. It is not far from your hotel.

The registration:

It will take place at 8pm-10pm on Saturday in the hotel and at 11am on the second day at the conference place (DMS, after the first lecture – see schedule). Here your tickets will be refunded and you will get the money for your expenses. If you will not be able to be here in time, call during the conference the phone number +7 (49621) 63-890 (Elena Nikolaevna Rusakovich), but, please, if possible, come to the registration on Saturday evening not later than at 9pm.

The meal:

The inhabitation covers the breakfast in the hotel, furthermore, each participant acquires 700 rubles per day for the days August, 5-10. During the lunch break, you can visit Stolovaya in DMS or any of the nearby restaurants (Cafe Vysockiy on Alleya Vysockogo 1, Sushi bar Ikura on Meshcherjakova 11, Pizzeroni on Vavilova 9 etc.). There is a lot of supermarkets in Dubna as well. Moreover, the organizers plan the Welcome drink and the Conference dinner (see Schedule).

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