Emil Akhmedov (NRU HSE, MIPT and ITEP Moscow, Russia): “Path integrals for particles and strings”

Valeriya Akhmedova (NRU HSE): “Dispersionless hierarchies and Loewner equations.”

Andrey Derbyshev (JINR Dubna, Russia): “Exclusion processes and Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class.”

Ilmar Gahramanov (MPI Postdam, Germany) “Integrable models of statistical mechanics”

Savely Karshenboim (MPI Garching, Germany: “Precise tests of quantum electrodynamics.”

Milan Krbalek (FNSPE Prague, Czech Republic): “Statistical rigidity in self-organized
many particle systems.”

Sergey Krivonos (JINR Dubna, Russia): “Nonlinear Realization and Integrable Systems”

Edvard Musaev (MPI Postdam, Germany) “Clifford algebras and SUGRA ”

Severin Posta (FNSPE Prague, Czech Republic): “Noncommutative Grobner bases and perfoming calculation in enveloping algebras, localizations and Lie fields of Lie algebras”

Jan Smotlacha (JINR Dubna, Russia): “Electronic and magnetic properties of nanostructured materials”

Petr Zalom (JINR Dubna, Russia): “Quantum field theories at non-zero temperatures: method of
Green functions”

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