The International School “Advanced Methods of Modern Theoretical Physics: Integrable and Stochastic Systems” organized by the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR , the Faculty of Nuclear Sciencies and Physical Ingeneering CTU in Prague and University Centre of JINR, in the framework of the program DIAS-TH will be held in Dubna, Russia,on July 30 – August 6,2016.

Programme committee

  • A. Filippov
  • J. Honkonen
  • D. Kazakov
  • V. Osipov

Organizing committee

  • Č. Burdík
  • M. Hnatič
  • A. Isaev
  • D. Korobov
  • A. Povolotsky
  • E. Rusakovich
  • V. Zhuravlev

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